SurfCop for Microsoft Forefront TMG/ISA Server 2004/2006

SurfCop is a software solution designed for internet usage monitoring and controlling internet traffic in companies that uses Microsoft Forefront TMG or Microsoft ISA Server 2004/2006 software products as corporate Internet gateway (Firewall). The product implements the concept of integrated approach to monitoring and limiting corporate Internet traffic, and also to controlling the efficiency of the company's employees.

The main features of the program include:

  • monitoring traffic;
  • limiting traffic;
  • bandwidth management;
  • monitoring and limiting users' surfing time;
  • generating reports about traffic consumption;
  • monitoring user activity in real time;
  • limiting access to sites depending on categories they belong to;
  • limiting access to web pages containing forbidden words and much more;
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How the software works

The program is a set of filters for Microsoft Forefront TMG/ISA Server that monitor user activity and control visited sites. The filters are installed on computers where Microsoft Forefront TMG/ISA Server components are running. During their activity, the filters gather collected data and send it to the Data Center for detailed analysis.

The program consists of three components:

  • Agent - the filter permanently residing in memory and collecting information about user activity. In case the Enterprise version of Microsoft Forefront TMG/ISA Server is used, the filters must be installed on all servers in the array.
  • Data Center - the system service receiving data from agents and gathering it in the database. SQLite, MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle can be used as a data storage. It is possible to install the Data Center on any computer in the network.
  • Management Console - the Microsoft Management Console snap-in designed for administering the software and controlling Internet activity. The console is delivered as a separate component and can be installed separately from all other system components (the Microsoft Forefront TMG/ISA Server console is required).
How SurfCop works

Distinctive features:

  • Active Directory support;
  • Microsoft Forefront TMG/ISA Server 2004/2006 support;
  • close integration with the Microsoft Forefront TMG/ISA Server 2004/2006 console;
  • compatibility with the Standard and Enterprise editions of Microsoft Forefront TMG/ISA Server 2004/2006;
  • multi-tier architecture allowing all software components to be installed on different computers;
  • remote administration from any network computer;
  • administration and monitoring from several network workstations at once;
  • support for SQLite, MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle as a data storage;
  • a lot of predefined reports allowing collected information to be analyzed from various angles;

Aditional information:

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Forefront TMG/ISA Server 2004/2006
  • 10000 KB free disk space

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Printer Activity Monitor 4.0 is ready for download
[29 October 2012] Printer Activity Monitor 4.0 just released. Added support for x64 operating systems, improved Data Center stability.
SurfCop 2.1 is ready for download
[23 January 2012] SurfCop 2.1 just released. Added support of SP1 and SP2 of Microsoft Forefront TMG 2010. Added new features. Improved filters stability.
SurfCop 2.0 is ready for download
[30 October 2011] SurfCop 2.0 just released. Finally added Microsoft Forefront TMG 2010 support. Added new features. Improved filters stability.

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