Advanced settings. Content types

During the import process, the requested files are associated with a content type (image, video, audio, etc.) based on the requested target files' extension.
The association is carried out as follows: the requested files' extension sequentially compares to each item on the "Content types" list; when the first match occurs, the request is associated with the category it matched.

This page lists content types registered in the program. You may add, delete or edit content types here. To rename a content type or edit the list of extensions matching the content type, click on the "Edit item" button.

In the appeared dialog, you may edit the content type's name, delete any item on the extension list or add a new item to the list.

Deleting content types

It may happen that you will want to delete a content type, which is already in use in the database; i.e. some records in the database may be associated with the content type being deleted. In such case, when you try to delete the data type, the program will prompt you to confirm the deletion. If you confirm the action and do delete the content type, the reports will have the default "Deleted" type set by the data instead of the content type you have deleted.

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