Internet Access Monitor and Mail Access Monitor's distinctive feature is their special tool, the Log, which helps you to generate miscellaneous filters in "real-time" . The real-time mode is convenient for the means it providing you with for creating multiple filters and thus watching just the information you need at the moment by combining a few criterias.

The information can be filtered by the following subjects:

  • name of user accessing the Internet;
  • IP address of the computer used for accessing the Internet;
  • data transfer protocol;
  • type of data received by user;
  • host category visited by user;
  • etc.
There are also an additional filtering options:
  • by hostname;
  • by the "Received", "Sent", and "Total" fields.

How it works?

To generate the log: from the drop-down menus select the items you wish to filter the records by, then click on the "Filter" button. To clear the log: click on the "Clear filter" button.

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