Reports are the major means for presenting information in Internet Access Monitor and Mail Access Monitor. Reports help user to review the information grouped by one or another analysis criteria for a specified period of time.

Each report consists of the following parts:

Report type
Report period
Report objects
Report sections

Generating reports

In order to generate a report, one should do as follows:

  • select report type;
  • select report period;
  • select objects the report will be generated for;
  • specify sections to include into the report;
  • click on the "Generate report" button or press the F5 key.

Detailing reports

Having generated an overall report, you may want to generate an additional report detailed by some criteria. In order to get that done, select the criteria of interest with the mouse, then right-click on the item and select the "Detailed report" item (or "Detailed report(New Windows)") from the appeared context menu.

Sorting data in reports

To sort a report by some criteria, simply click on the corresponding column's header. Another clicking on the same header will sort that column in the reverse order.

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