WinGate Services

Services are the heart of WinGates operations.

System Services

Services are programs (or parts of programs) that run on one computer to provide a service to many other computers or users. Examples of this are Email servers and FTP servers. WinGate has WRS, DHCP, DNS, GDP, SOCKS, Remote control, and a basic Web server.

User Services

These include Proxies for individual protocols and TCP/UDP Mapped Links.

User services allow client computers to access external servers of the clients choice, but do not actually do the serving themselves. Proxies do something on your behalf by passing client requests to the external server. WinGate has WWW, POP3 (email), FTP, Telnet, Streamworks, RTSP proxies.

Pipes are the most basic user service. Pipes simply redirect requests to another location. WinGate has 2 types of Pipe - TCP and UDP mapped links.

By default the WinGate installer will add the standard services and start them on standard ports. You may already be running a server application of some type (e.g. a FTP server or WEB server) or you have other certain requirements. In this case you may need to run the WinGate service (or the server) on a different port. The next section has details on how best to integrate with other servers. This is because only one application on a computer can listen to a given port at any one time.

All services are highly configurable. Each service however has its own configuration requirements.

Tab Service Description
General All This has the name and description of the Service, and the port on which connections are accepted. It also allows you to configure startup options such as manual, automatic and disabled.
Bindings All This tab enables the administrator to specify what interfaces allow incoming requests for that service. The interfaces listed are all possible interfaces on the WinGate server
Policies All Every service has its own rules. There is an option to include default policies. If these are included, then privileges from Default Policies will be included.
Logging All All services can be logged or Audited. Logging records details about how each service is used. The time of each event is saved
Sessions All bar DHCP This tab has configurable timeouts for the service, and some services can limit the number of connections
Connection All TCP proxies and mapped links This tab allows the administrator to choose how the proxy makes the connection to the Internet. Choices include Directly, Cascade, SOCKS4, or SSL
Server requests AllProxies bar Telnet This tab enables the Administrator to integrate other servers with WinGate, by dealing with requests on the port that are not in the Proxy request form
DHCP Mode DHCP Allows selection of the mode of DHCP operation, from Fully automatic to manual
DHCP Settings DHCP The DHCP service has many configurable options. The settings tab allows configuration of these options including scopes leases and reservations
Mappings Mapped links This tab controls configuration of mappings per user or location
Encryption Mapped links This tab configures encryption options that are available for Mapped links
SOCKS Advanced SOCKS This contains several options relevant to SOCKS including HTTP hand-over and options for SOCKS requests

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